Practice Tools and Tips for Musicians

Musician's Tool Box

Have better practice sessions with these free online tools.



Keep steady time during your practice session or double check your tempos.


Check the intonation of any pitch with this online tuner.

online piano keyboard

Piano Keyboard

Use this piano keyboard for reference pitches or as a drone to play along with.

printable music practice journal

Practice Journals

Free printable music practice journal and log to track your improvement!

musical dictionary

Music Dictionary

Definitions for musical terms, dynamics, tempos, articulations, and instruments!

Practice makes perfect, right?

If only it were that easy! During mindless practice you repeat mistakes which means that you reinforce bad habits. Perfect practice is necessary for the perfect performance which is why we put together these practice tools.

The metronome keeps time from tempos of 20 bpm all the way to 300 bpm, and allows you to practice with subdivisions of either eighth or sixteenth notes. On this page, you'll also find some tips for using a metronome effectively and a quick reference guide to double check what a tempo translates to in bpm.

Using a tuner is important for both ensuring that your instrument is in tune and for checking specific pitches. This tuner is a needle tuner, which gives you a visual indication of pitch accuracy. On this page, you'll also find tips for practicing and tuning members of chords.

A piano keyboard can help you find a reference pitch which can be very helpful if you are a vocalist or brass player. This keyboard also acts as a drone, sustaining the pitch in octaves. Practicing with the drone will help you develop your ear and learn to be in tune with others.

In our blog, you'll find articles on topics like how to read music, how to practice more effectively, and how to become a better musician.