About Me

    Andrew SwinneyAuthor, Performer, Teacher

    Practice makes perfect, right?

    If only it were that easy. Getting great at an instrument requires more than practice, it requires mindful practice. What's the difference? Mindful practice comes when you are focused and have the right tools to work through any problems you might encounter.

    Hi, I'm Andrew. I'm a French horn player, performer, and teacher. I learned the difference between practice and mindful practice the hard way. As a professional, I have seen students without the right tools repeat my mistakes, so I created this site.

    On The Online Metronome, you'll find all the tools you need to answer musical questions and practice smarter. Things like:

    Online Metronome: Our metronome works from 20 bpm to 300 bpm and allows you to practice with either eighth note or sixteenth note subdivisions. On this page, you'll also find some tips for practicing with a metronome more effectively and a quick guide to check tempo ranges in beats per minute.

    Instrument Tuner: This chromatic tuner works with any instrument and displays pitches in concert pitch. You can use it to tune your instrument or check the intonation for a specific pitch. This tuner is a needle tuner, which gives you a visual indication of pitch accuracy. On this page, you'll also find tips for practicing with a tuner and tuning members of chords.

    Piano Drones: This keyboard will play drones for whichever pitch you select. This can be very helpful if you are a vocalist or brass player looking for a reference pitch. It's also a great way to practice intonation in a specific key.

    Practice Journals: Documenting your practice sessions is critical for improvement. It helps you keep track of your problems and learning so you can discuss them with your teacher in your next lesson. We have several templates you can use.

    Musical Blog: If you're looking for practice inspiration, tips, or tricks, check out the blog. If you're interested in contributing to the blog, please check out the support page.

    This is a passion project for me born out of a want to create an ad-free space where students of any age could access useful musical tools without being tracked or marketed to. If you would like to support this project, please consider making a donation using the link below or by reading more about this project on our support page. If everyone who visited this site in just 1 week gave $1.00, we'd be able to cover the costs for 5 years.