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Tools and Tips from professional musicians.

Instrument transposition chart.

Transposing Instruments

Wonder which instruments transpose or what "transpose" even means?

Money collected from teaching music lessons.

How much should I charge for lessons?

6 Tips to finding the right music lesson fee.

Table where honor band audition judges sit.

Honor Band Audition Tips

Tips on how to practice for Honor Band auditions from a former judge.

Music teacher helping a beginner student pick an instrument to learn.

Which instrument should you play?

Questions you should answer before picking an instrument to learn.

Sheet music written in treble clef.

Learn About The Treble Clef

Part of our music theory series: Learn what the treble clef means in music.

Young child taking guitar lessons.

A Parent's Guide to Music Lessons

Here is everything a parent should know when their child is about to start music lessons.

Microphone and lap top being used to record music practice.

6 Reasons to Record your Practice Sessions

Want to get better at your instrument faster? Try practicing with a recorder.

Sheet music that was downloaded and printed.

Sites with Free Sheet Music

Looking for free music to practice? Here are sites that have huge libraries of totally free sheet music to download.

Watch sitting on a piece of sheet music.

How To Read Time Signatures

Part of our music theory series: Learn what time signatures mean in music.

Sheet music with six flats in the key signature.

How To Read Key Signatures

Part of our music theory series: Learn what key signatures mean in music.

Sheet music with tempo markings.

Tempo Markings Defined

Most tempo markings are in Italian, French, or German. We've translated them and show the bpm.

Clock on a blue and pink background.

What does BPM mean in music?

Tempo markiings can be written as a word, or as a number. What does that number actually mean?

Person practicing piano with the help of a metronome.

How to Practice with a Metronome

Practicing with a metronome can help, but it can also hurt your ensemble playing. Here are some tips and tricks.

Drummers playing rhythms on snare drums.

How to Read Rhythms

Part of our music theory series: Learn to read some of the most common rhythms in music.

12 Major Scales

The 12 Major Scales

Learn the 12 Major scales and their key signatures.