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Articles written by professional music teachers to help you practice better.

how much should i charge for music lessons

How much should I charge for lessons?

6 Tips To Maximize Your Lesson Fee

Honor band audition tips from judges

Honor Band Audition Tips

Four Tips From A Judge.

Easist instruments for beginners

Which instrument should you play?

It's an important choice! Here are questions you should ask before picking which instrument you will learn.

Learn the 12 major scales

Major Scales

Learn the 12 Major Scales

Learn to read music in treble clef

The Treble Clef

What is a treble clef and how does it change the notes on a staff?

A Parent's guide to music lessons.

A Parent's Guide to Music Lessons

Everything you should know before enrolling your student in lessons.

Why every musician should record their practice sessions

6 Reasons to Record your Practice Sessions

Recording yourself while practicoing is one of the quickest ways to improve.

websites with free sheet music

Sites with Free Sheet Music

7 Websites with libraries of free sheet music, scores, and recordings.

how to read time signatures in music

Reading Time Signatures

Time signatures let musicians know how many beats are in a measure and which note value gets the beat.

how to read key signatures in music

Reading Key Signatures

Key signatures let musicians know the key of a piece, or which notes will be sharp or flat.

free printable music practice journal

Musician's Practice Journal

Every musicians should track their progress in a journal. Here is a free printable version.

best metronomes for musicians

Reviews of the Best Metronomes

Which metronome is right for your budget and ability? Here are our thoughts.

metronome tempo markings defined

Tempo Markings Defined

Most tempo markings are in Italian, French, or German. We've translated them and put tempo markings.

what does BPM stand for in music

What does BPM mean?

Metronome markings will often be written in BPM, which means beats per minute.

how to practice with a metronome

How to Practice with a Metronome

Practicing with a metronome can help, but it can also hurt your ensemble playing. Here are some tips and tricks.

how to read rhythms in music

How to Read Rhythms

Rhythms let musicians know when and for how long to play a note.